Give in to your fantasies. 
The Untold Story: Fighting for a New World(RPG Maker Demo)
*This version no longer being updated!
The Untold Story takes place in a middle aged fantasy world. In this world, Aden finds a ring that was made from the Demons. It granted unlimited power to its holder, unlocking any physical barriers to have more control over their magic. Not knowing why the ring choose him, he searches for a way to get it off. On his search he finds out the horrible truth of the Half-breeds. With this new knowledge, his team forms a plan to spread the word and try to gather other heros to confront the King.
Game Features: 
  • Splash Screen 
  • Loading Screen 
  • Able to Pause 
  • Quest & Journal 
  • Calender/Weather System 
  • Skill Leveling System 
  • Skill Cooldowns 
  • Thirst/ Hunger System 
  • Sideview Active Time Battle System 
    • Summon 
    • Transform 
    • Custom Skills
  • Dash/Swimming System
  • Shadows & Reflection 
  • "Caterpiller" System
  • Voice Over


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