Give in to your fantasies. 
The Juraians
are a race of Mythical Beings.

Neko (Cat)
-Weapon: Duoblade 
-Description: Nekos are known for their cat-like behavior. 
They focus on close combat and their keen eyesight to predict the enemy's next move. 
Nekos can control their weapon as they like within a distant. 
As the Neko become more powerful their tails starts to grow longer and eventually split into two. 
They sometimes bring good luck and more likely to get more items. 
Inugami (Dog)
-Weapon: Twin Blades 
-Description: The Inu is looked on as kind, bold, and nimble companion, 
who is ferocious toward its enemies. Inu makes great hunters and are skilled with the sword. 
They have the power to cure sickness or ill health. 
Kitsune (Fox)
-Weapon: Staff 
-Description: Kitsune are very intelligent and fast on their feet. 
The more tails a kitsune has (up to nine) the more wiser, older, 
and powerful it is. 
Kistune are magical creatures that has the ability to bend time and space, 
driving enemy's mad. 
They have the power to transform into a fox.
-Weapon: Bow & Arrow 
-Description: Elves are mentally sharp and often seen as archers. 
Since they are lovers of nature they can use the Elements. 
They can heal but can't bring people back to life. 
With their powerful wings they can blow their enemies away.
Guardians (Angels)
-Weapon: Glavies 
-Description: Guardians is a race that focus on light magic and healing. 
-They have the power to Resurect.
They have wings to help them maneuver around the enemy and block attacks. 
They can control their glavies in an area with magic.